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The Composition Process: A Step-by-step Guide From a Percussionist's View

I recently wrote an article for the Percussive Arts Society's publication Rhythm! Scene. I have included the link below, and would love to discuss it further in the comments section below.

This article is geared towards percussionists who are composers (particularly younger folks), but I belive also contains useful insight for anyone interested in composition. I hope that I have phrased things in a way as to provide a looking glass into my process - certainly each person writes differently and with different goals. However, I recall as a young composer having very little guidance and not understanding where to look to improve my writing. Hopefully this article will help spark some ideas in some minds.

My article is the first in a series that will unfold this year, so keep checking Rhythm! Scene for more articles on composition as it relates to being a percussionist.

Feel free to add your thoughts below!

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