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Music for Steel Pan

This page contains music written exclusively for steel band.
Each tune is assigned a difficulty rating of beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Beginner tunes have been tested out with students in the 11-18 year range. Intermediate tunes are acceptable for more advance high school and college groups, and 'Advanced' tunes are typically more musically complex (and so require more advanced musical ability, if not more advanced technique). Beginning tunes often repeat large chunks of material to facilitate swift learning.
Stylistic features are included when applicable. I have also tried to include some elements of each tune so that the scope is clear.
Drum set parts use the same notation.
Each piece could be performed by percussion instruments instead of steel pan. Tenor parts work well with vibraphones, xylophones, and glockenspiels; double seconds and triple guitar parts work well on vibraphones and marimbas. Some pieces will have additional parts written for percussion instruments; these parts do not really overlap, and require more performing forces.
I am also available to write pieces for your program - send me an email and we can talk about it!
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Beginning Steel Band Tunes, volume 1


A Day of Rain ~ 5'

D Major, Swing - slow outer sections; quick middle section; almost Intermediate difficulty

CaSo ~ 5'

G Major Soca - fast; some chromaticism; solo section

Cha-Cha Champ ~ 3'

G Minor, Cha-Cha/Rock - groovy; solo section

Chunk ~ 3'

F Blues, Funk - groovy; syncopated; almost Intermediate difficulty; percussion breakdown

Disco? ~ 3'

A minor, Disco/Rock - driving; epic

Like A Boss (Anova) ~ 2'

F Major, Bossa Nova - low-energy; solo section

Mario At the Aquarium ~ 2'

C Major, Calypso - charming; solo section

Nautical Nanigo ~ 2'

A Minor, Nanigo - dark moving to light; optional keyboard percussion parts

Over the Land  ~ 3'

F Major, Calypso - simple

Relajate  ~ 3'

F Major, Reggae - relaxed, with a driving B section


Other Tunes (sound files coming soon)

25 Years for Intermediate Steel Band; duration: ~ 3'

F Major, Soca - upbeat; solo section

29 Forever for Intermediate Steel Band; duration: ~ 3'

A minor, Calypso - dark; slow opening and ending

Anger Buckets for Intermediate Steel Band; duration: ~ 3'

F minor, Calypso/Rock/Reggae -

Cha-Cha Chalupa for Intermediate Steel Band; duration: ~ 3'

C Major, Cha-cha

Ringtone Rondo for Intermediate Steel Band; duration: ~ 4'

F Major, Soca

The Thief And The Wizard for Intermediate Steel Band; duration: ~ 4'

E minor, Calypso


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