Music for Soloists or Chamber Ensemble; Non-Percussion

       Animal Songs (2012)

                 Reed Quintet

                 duration: ~ 7' 30"

                 Animal Songs placed first in the

                 2013 MTNA National Composition Contest

                 I. Squirrel        II. Barracuda        III. Snail

                 IV. Axolotl        V. Bonobo

       Faze Amulet (2014)

                 Flute Choir

                 duration: ~ 7'

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       Haiku Macabre (2014)

                 Solo Violin

                 duration: ~ 7'

                 I. Spiders In My Eyes

                 II. Swallowed Some Of My Own Teeth

                 III. Sickness Is Spreading

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       Insights (2013)

                 Trumpet and Piano

                 duration: ~ 24'

                 I. Song

                 II. Epitaph

                 III. Dance

                 Insights was commissioned by Ryan Beach, Principal Trumpet

                 of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, and was premiered at the

                 2013 ITG Convention

Preview Score (coming soon!)

       Vela X-1 (2011)

                 Flute and 4 Percussionists

                 duration: ~ 5'


Preview Score (coming soon!)

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