Music for Film, Theatre, Electronics, and Other Media


       Hypnagogia (2014) ~ 7'43"

                 Produced and Directed by: Aaron Bushong and Brian Collins


                 For the 2014 48 Hour Film Festival, Oklahoma City

       In Bloom (2012) (film never finished)


       Primer (2011) ~ 30'

                 Produced and Directed by: Ilea Shutler


       Johnny and Maggie (2009) ~ 7'

                 Produced and Directed by: OCU Filmmaker's Guild


       Dancing In The Storm (2014)

                 Directed by: Tonia Sina



       below (2013)

                 Directed by: Lane Flores


       The Tempest (2012)

                 Directed by: Michael Jones


       A Midsummer Night's Dream (2011)

                 Directed by: Clayton Guiltner


       Romeo and Juliet (2010)

                 Directed by: Katherine McGill


       Fuddy Meers (2010)

                 Directed by: Erin Singleton


Video Games

       House On A Hill (2012)

                 Style: Game Boy Zelda


       Small-Town Life (2012)

                 Style: Game Boy Zelda


       A New World (2005/2012)

                 Style: Super Nintendo Final Fantasy


       Garden In The Sky (2007)

                 Style: Super Nintendo Final Fantasy


       Eternal Rainfall (2007)

                 Style: Super Nintendo Final Fantasy


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