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Virtual Composition Seminar

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2021 Spring Composition Seminar Information

Spring 2021  brings another round of my virtual composition seminar! Participants will be grouped into groups of 5 based on experience level, and we will meet for 10 one-hour sessions over Zoom. 

This seminar is affordable, fun, and artistically valuable!


When does this seminar meet?

We will meet several times a month, starting in February. Most meetings will be on Sundays.

What if I am unavailable Sundays?

No worries - depending on the number of participants, we might have some groups that meet at other times - I have a fair amount of flexibility in my schedule to accommodate a variety of schedules!

How much does this cost, and what do I get?

This seminar will cost $200 USD. You will receive 10 group seminar meetings, where we will go through a variety of topics, including composition technique exercises, modern repertoire study/discussion, and the creation of original works. Participants will learn from each other, as each musician is different and will bring something special to each assignment. Meetings will be recorded, so you can view them again later. You will also have access to me via Voxer in between meetings - that way if you have questions, feel stuck, or just want some extra feedback, I can help you out!

Contact me here to sign up!

Thanks for submitting!

What are your credentials? 

I am Jamie Wind Whitmarsh - I received some stellar composition training both at Oklahoma City University (BM, Music Composition and Percussion Performance), where I studied composition for five years with Edward Knight (and worked with Kris Maloy and Lendell Black as well) and at Florida State University (MM, Music Theory and Composition), where I studied composition for three years with Ladislav Kubik (and worked with Mark Wingate and Clifton Callender as well). 

As an undergraduate composer, I struggled with form and transitions in particular - meaning I've done a lot of work and developed a lot of tools to tackle those topics. During my Master's, I explored beyond my comfort zone and focused on developing a deeper quality to my music. And of course, since then I have developed in a variety of ways.

While I write a lot in the "classical" genre, I also work with film and video games. In 2018, my score for Big Day won best music at the Oklahoma City 48 Hour Film Project. I'm currently working on the music for Scrap Guilds, an upcoming game by Attack Wagon Games. You can see our trailer here

As a teacher, I taught composition at Oklahoma City University from 2016 to 2021 - both composition majors and non-majors. I also taught Composition I, a class composition course for non-composition majors. I love the group setting because composers learn so much from hearing each other's music. The most important part to me is that every composer learns to write in their own voice, My students do not sound like me (in fact, I don't think there is one "sound" that is me in particular anyway.) My goal as a teacher is to give you the tools to write your music.

I also teach internationally with American Voices, with composition studios in Lebanon, Kurdistan, and Egypt. Of course, due to the pandemic I have had to move to online teaching a lot the past two years - but there turned out to be a lot of advantages to teaching virtually! Composers are able to work with each other, even from different parts of the world. 

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